Get abuse support with narcissism, and self esteem. Reduce your stress.

Get abuse support with narcissism, and self esteem. Reduce your stress.

Get abuse support with narcissism, and self esteem. Reduce your stress.Get abuse support with narcissism, and self esteem. Reduce your stress.


I am a professional Certified Coach, speaker, author and lecturer. 

Over thirty years ago I founded LifeSkills International with the objective of helping people lead a happier, more fulfilling life. I have coached a variety of people with a variety of difficulties and helped them work through them all. Many of them were in an abusive relationship and worked and lived under narcissism. I know first hand how that feels and have learned a lot about how to deal with it over the years. 

For several years, I held workshops on personal development throughout the Greater Houston Area. I can apply the information to  help you.

I write manuals and workbooks on personal development, management and relationships. I wrote three books, “Dynamic Leadership,” “Dealing with Difficult People” and “Untying the Knots of Life.”  Coaches and businesses regularly used them. At this time they are out of print.

I am working on videos on how to become emotionally whole after living with emotionally toxic, destructive, abusive people. It took me a while to learn and grow, but I did learn and so can you.

I get a deep satisfaction in helping you discover how to achieve what you want in life and show you how to get it. I work one on one with you to help you go to the next level and achieve total success. That includes anything from improving your parent/child relationship to understanding abuse and how to move away from it.  

We work together to get a clear picture of your goals and formulate a plan to meet them. We make course changes as needed. This is Directive Coaching. I encourage you when you move out of your comfort zone or when you feel discouraged. 

Understanding people is especially helpful for any relationship to survive the rough times or someone looking for the right life partner. I also work with you if you are dealing with a difficult person. I help you solve problems and improve communication. My coaching has saved marriages and helped people understand problems in their relationships.

I help people who are in emotional pain and want to find peace. I help goal oriented, dissatisfied people willing to work toward a better life for themselves and those they care about. 

 I am NOT affiliated with Life skills International at, founded by Dr. Paul Hegstrom. I help abused victims. I do not try to help abusers. That is beyond my scope.   

If you want to resolve your most pressing issues, to find out more, go to the section below and email me. 

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